About Us

Four Seasons Assisted Living is your trusted residential care facility in Benton, Arkansas.


Four Seasons Assisted Living is your trusted residential care facility in Benton, Arkansas, where we are dedicated to creating a warm and engaging community for our residents. At Four Seasons, our focus is on fostering meaningful relationships, connections, and interactions among our residents to cultivate a lasting sense of community and individual identity.


Our commitment extends to providing activities that promote socialization and fulfillment, ensuring that every resident experiences a sense of belonging within our community. We understand the importance of a supportive and enriching environment, and our team is dedicated to creating opportunities for residents to engage in activities that bring joy and purpose to their lives.


One of the key aspects that sets Four Seasons Assisted Living apart is our flexibility in payment options. We gladly accept Medicaid, including the AR Choice Waiver for Assisted Living, as well as private pay patients. This allows us to cater to a diverse range of individuals and provide the highest quality of care to all.

Our Experience

Our experienced and dedicated staff is the heartbeat of our community. With the majority of our team members having been with us for several years, including our Administrator Kim Moseley, who has been devoted 21 years to our facility, we take pride in our continuity and stability. Our Activity Director, with 7 years of experience, and many floor aides with 3-4 years of service, contribute to the strong sense of community and care that defines Four Season Assisted Living.

Our low turnover rate is a testament to the satisfaction of our residents and the positive work environment we have cultivated. Rarely do residents move out, and some have been part of our community for 8-9 years, a clear reflection of the trust and comfort they find in our care. At Four Seasons Assisted Living, we strive to be more than a residence; we are a home where individuals thrive, relationships flourish, and the journey of aging is embraced with dignity and compassion.

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